Monthly Archives: March 2014

Minutes of PC meetings


Minutes of parish meetings will be published on this page for the prior month. The reason for this is that the group parish council has to approve previous minutes during the following meeting.

Details of agreed budgets and regular reports on group parish spending will be made available during the year.

This web site will also carry details of parish meetings (as distinct from group parish meetings). These parish meetings are held once per year for each of the individual parishes in the group.

Mortimer Village News March 2014

To read the latest edition of Mortimer Village News follow the link NewsletterNewsletterClipart1[1]

We had a problem with the last Newsletter arising from the need to convert from a Publisher file to a pdf file – without going into details we lost some of the text and the printer did not pick this up. Our apologies for this – we will be getting a rebate on our next edition.

The existing Mortimer Villages Newsletter will continue in its present paper format for the rest of this year. The group parish council will then review whether it remains as such or becomes an integral part of this web site. In the meantime it will be available in both formats.