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Message from Carole Gandy – Herefordshire County Councillor

(1)I have done my best to attend as many Parish Council meetings as possible and have given regular updates at the meeting on what I have been doing and what is going on at Herefordshire Council.  I have also tried to visit a number of local pubs as I recognise that where they exist, they, like the local shop or village hall are the hub of the community.  I, along with Councillor Roger Phillips  have also visited Wigmore School, a school which plays a big part in the lives of  many of you.  I was very impressed with the head teacher and the work going on and have agreed to visit again during the autumn term.

I have arranged two MP surgeries to date, in Lingen and Wigmore and during the course of the year hope to do so in Leintwardine and Aymestrey, along with some of the smaller villages.  I believe it is important that Bill Wiggin comes into the local parishes of Mortimer ward as often as possible.

I learnt very soon after my election that the majority of issues raised with me related to either planning, planning enforcement, speeding (particularly in our villages) and road maintenance.  I am a firm believer that if enforcement is seen to be taken early against unlawful development, then less unlawful development will take place.  By the time you read this article, hopefully Herefordshire Councils’ Core Strategy will have been approved and in place, thus stopping the speculative planning applications which I know have brought such upset to many of you.

The budget challenges for all Local Authorities will remain and get tougher.  In Herefordshire the  saving requirements over the next few years are likely to be £42 million and many difficult decisions will have to be taken.

Upon election I was appointed onto the Health Overview & Scrutiny Committee and the General Overview & Scrutiny Committee.  If you have any matters which you think would benefit from being scrutinised by either of these committees, please do not hesitate to contact me. I have been appointed to the board of Halo, the organisation which runs the leisure centres in Leominster and Hereford and works with Wigmore School to provide leisure facilities for local residents.  I am looking forward to finding out about the plans they have for the future.

I am keen to meet as many of you as possible over the coming 4 years and therefore am only too happy to come out and see you if you have a problem or just want a general chat about Herefordshire Council matters.


Cllr Carole Gandy

01568 780583



Congratulations Bryan Casbourne MBE

Last week in the Wigmore Shop there was a little celebration for Bryan Casbourne, one of the Wigmore Parish councillors, who has been awarded the MBE.  Here are a couple of pictures from that event and Bryan’s official investiture photo.


Bryan Casbourne MBE Official photo

Bryan celebrates in the shop

Bryan and other volunteers