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Please Take Action if you think this is unsafe!!

tractorIf you agree that walking along Ford Street beside The Oak Wigmore pub where the road joins the A4110 is potentially unsafe due to the lack of footpath on that stretch then please help us get something done about it. Despite the fact that many children in the village use this route to and from Wigmore School, for the council to act they insist on information relating to incidents or near-misses in that area.

Please help us and email any details you can remember (don’t worry if you don’t have an exact date) to our County Councillor Carole Gandy at: carole.gandy@herefordshire.gov.uk

The council will only act if enough people voice a concern so please help out and email Carole.

Many thanks.

Success for the National Garden Scheme in Wigmore

Over the weekend of 17 – 18 September two gardens in Wigmore opened to the public – 2, Bury Court Park (Cathy and Ivan Jones) and Bury Court Farmhouse (Margaret and Les. Barclay). In all we had 107 visitors and £878 was raised – £580 for admissions, £191 for teas, £70.50 on plants and £36.50 in donations. A cheque for £878 is already on its way to the NGS County Treasurer for Herefordshire.

The NGS is a charity which  supports numerous caring charities around the UK, last year raising more
than £2.6 million through thousands of people opening their gardens for  a small contribution. Many thanks to all who helped, and supported these events.

Great News for Wigmore


The Heritage Lottery Fund has just confirmed the development grant to re-order St James’ Church in Wigmore. This is fantastic news for the church and the village and is a giant leap forward in saving this historic and wonderful building.

To find out more, continue reading here.

Wigmore litter pick day…




The outcome of our litter pick in Wigmore  today – equivalent to approx. 3 bin bags of litter.

Considerably better than some 8 years ago when we collected 11 full bin bags!

We are moving in the right direction………!





Our merry band of pickers just before they started their work!

Many thanks to all who turned out and on such a lovely day!







One of our younger participants takes an opportunity to get in a bit of practice!