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Mortimer Villages Article – Autumn 2017 – County Councillor Carole Gandy


Wigmore Parish Neighbourhood Development Plan Group is working hard to put together your parish NDP. I would urge you to take an interest in this Plan and its emerging proposals and whenever possible express your views. This is your Plan and will form the basis of the character and environment of Wigmore Parish going forward to 2031. This plan is not just about the additional housing you are required to accommodate but covers the wider infra structure and environment.

I have been contacted by a local resident about problems in installing smart meters in rural areas. If you are contacted by your provider to fit a smart meter you need to advise them as to whether or not you have an adequate mobile phone signal as this will avoid a wasted visit and you possibly taking time off work unnecessarily.

I was concerned to hear about the continuing vandalism of the toddler play area in Kings Meadow and have discussed this with the parish council and West Mercia Police. I believe that West Mercia Police are keen to take action on this matter, something I would support. The lives of some residents in Wigmore should not be blighted by vandalism being carried out by a very small minority of local youngsters.

As the new Chair of Children & Young Peoples Scrutiny committee I was delighted to be informed that Herefordshire’s early years performance had improved significantly from being one of the five worst performing areas in the country in 2010 to the top 25% nationally this year. It is so important that we invest in our young children and give them a good start in life.

Many of you will have been horrified by the events of Grenfell Tower. I have been assured by Herefordshire Council that no high rise properties exist in Herefordshire that are owned by the council or by social landlords that have the aluminium cladding material that is now under the spotlight. One building that is privately owned and which is not classed as high rise does exist that may have that cladding and further tests are being sought in respect of that building.

As always please do not hesitate to contact me if you have a problem, or just want a chat. I am also always happy to visit you if that would be easier. Just telephone 01568 780583 or email carole.gandy@herefordshire.gov.uk