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Message from Carole Gandy – Winter 2019 – County Councillor

Unfortunately, unlike last year, this year’s summer was not so good and autumn really started badly with flooding in many parts of the County and in Mortimer ward, homes in Leintwardine and Aymestrey parishes were particularly badly affected. I cannot imagine the distress that house flooding must have upon the home owner. Let us hope that things now improve and that unlike last winter we are not subjected to significant snow fall. If you need to contact Balfour Beatty urgently then telephone 01432 261800. If it is not urgent then you can go online to report potholes, fly tipping etc. There is also an app you can download whereby you can photograph the pothole and upload it and Balfour Beatty will know the exact location.

A general election is due in December and I would urge all of you, particularly those in the more rural areas or who are elderly and have not already done so, to consider registering for a postal vote. It is a simple process and ensures that whatever the weather conditions you will be able to cast your vote.

I recently toured Kings Meadow with the local parish councillor, clerk and the locality steward from Balfour Beatty to look at work that needed to be done by both the parish council and Balfour Beatty to ensure that hedges and trees were cut back where they are growing over pathways or hanging at a level which could cause injury to local residents. I urged that this work be carried out swiftly.

The parish council along with myself is looking at various ways of preventing large vehicles using Bury Lane as a short cut, this road is completely unsuitable for large vehicles and there is a need to reduce the amount of traffic using Bury Lane as it is used regularly by children crossing to and from the school.

I have recently met with the two parish councillors representing Elton and Pipe Aston along with someone from the Safer Roads Partnership to look at ways of making these two villages safer for pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders. The problem of speeding through these villages has been an ongoing problem and with no pavement or verge for pedestrians to walk on there is a real risk to local residents.

There have been many complaints about the condition of Bury Lane Playing Field and that the grass is not in a fit state for ball games. The parish council is working hard to rectify this as we all recognise the need for somewhere to enable our young people to kick a ball about.

Barry and I really enjoyed the MacMillan coffee mornings at Wigmore Village Hall and Elton Church and I must congratulate all those involved, even if it did mean inches on the waist!

As always if you wish to contact me about a particular issue or just for a chat please do not hesitate to do so on my email address carole.gandy@herefordshire.gov.uk or telephone 01568 780583 or 07792882133. Always pleased to hear from you.

SCAM ALERT – targeting our local area

The community has been asked by the police Safer Neighbourhood Team to spread the word about scamming, as offences are being reported locally daily, particularly targeting older females.
Please remind everyone that no one will phone to ask for account details, pin numbers or for money to be collected by couriers so people just need to put the phone down. Please ask them to call the police if they have someone attempting this tactic.